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2nd Grade » Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller

Welcome to Mrs. Miller's 2nd Grade Class!!!
Rebecca Miller teaches Math and Science.
My planning time is 11:18-12:18
Mrs. Miller's email address is


2nd Grade Weekly Activity Sheet

January 15-19, 2018


Mrs. Richer: conference time: 11:18-12:20

Friday Tests:

  • Spelling and Vocabulary from current week: Lesson 19
  • Reading and skills from current week: The Signmaker’s Assistant
  • Weekly Story:  The Signmaker’s Assistant pgs. 126-149
  • Comprehension: 1) Text and Graphic Features, 2) Point of View, 3) Question
  • Phonics: Words with /ar/

Grammar: Commas in Dates and Places

Opinion Writing: Narrative Paragraph: Fictional Story with a focus on Organization

Test Prep Tips:

  • Vocabulary Tips: Students will need to understand the word in a sentence, to decide what it means.
  • Phonics Tips: 1) Students will have to identify which  word best completes a given sentence. /ar/
  • Story Comprehension Tips: 1) Students will need to be able to identify examples of Text and Graphic Features in a story. 2) Students will need to be able to identify examples of different Points of View from the story.

Social Studies:

Our Community and its Geography: Unit 2 overview: In this unit students will understand how primary sources help in understanding continuity and change over time and how people and events of the past impact our lives today. Students will understand why we celebrate local, state, and national holidays. Students will understand how early explorers, settlers, and westward migration influenced the development of the United States.

Mrs. Miller


Conference Time: 11:18-12:18

Math: Subtracting with regrouping

Quiz: Friday

Science: Recycling Unit

**Testing dates are subject to change at the teacher’s discretion with approval from the principal.


  1. review behavior points and teacher contact
  2. for all subjects

School News:

Behavior Expectations: Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be Responsible

Honor Roll Party: Tuesday, January 16th; K- 2nd at 1:15 and 3rd- 4th at 1:40

Mardi Gras Parade: Our annual student Mardi Gras parade will be Feb 9th beginning at 12:15.  Begin gathering Mardi Gras beads for students to throw. They may wear Mardi Gras shirts/costumes on this day.

Mardi Gras Break: Students do not report to school on February 12th – 14th.