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Third Grade Reading

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You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all  you need is a book.



Third graders will complete 3 units from Louisiana Guide books throughout this school year. Within each unit, students will work on reading, writing, and grammar skills. We will also have daily reading practice in which we will be using the UNRAAVEL strategy to analyze texts. Students will learn how to complete close reads in order to better comprehend what is being read. We will also learn new grammar skills and practice these skills daily. Spelling words will be given at the beginning of each week. Students will be given spelling homework from a practice book that will stay in their back pack. 


Grades- Student grades will come from a variety of activities. These might include, but are not limited to group work, comprehension/ skill quizzes, spelling quizzes, grammar quizzes, writings (formal and informal), and reading tests. 


AR- The third grade AR goal is to reach 40 points with an average of at least 80% proficiency. Third graders are required to read and log reading Monday through Thursday for homework. This will be checked on Friday for completion. 


Signed papers- Signed papers will go home on Tuesday of each week. Please look through your child's papers with them and sign each graded assignment. 


Class Dojo- You were given a class dojo login sheet. Download the class Dojo app and enter our class code. This will allow you to view your child's progress throughout each day and receive messages from me. They will receive points for positive behavior and loose points for misbehaving. Students are rewarded weekly based on dojo points. 



Third Grade

Weekly Activity Sheet

Week of January 14, 2019

Mrs. Katie’s daily conference time is 1:00-1:30

Mrs. Miller’s daily conference time is 2:15-2:45 pm

Ms. Richer’s daily conference time is 1:00-1:30pm

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ELA: Review Interim assessment

Louisiana Purchase Unit

Skills- compare and contrast, main Idea and details, context clues, text structure

Spelling r-controlled vowels quiz Friday

Grammar skills-quiz Friday

Reading test on skills covered Thursday-Friday


Science: Unit 3:

The anchor phenomena for this unit explores how gorillas live in groups of 20s to 30s in the Amazon Rainforest. Over the course of the unit, students will gain knowledge of animal adaptations and how they are important to the survival of different species. In the first sequence of this unit, students will conduct research to find out how living in groups help animals survive.


Social Studies: Unit 3

Topic Two: Students investigate the changes that

occurred during the colonial period and how those

changes shaped the unique development of

Louisiana. Unit assessment at the end of the




Chapter 8: Fractions

Quiz Wednesday

This testing schedule is tentative. Although every effort is made to adhere to these testing dates, the teacher may use her professional discretion (with principal approval) to change this testing schedule.







Behavior Expectations: Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be Responsible





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