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Activity sheet


Grammar- prepositions and prepositional phrases  TEST on 2-27-18

Phonics:  compound words; short vowel ea

Baseball, snowman, drumstick, seashell, cowboy, bookmark, bread, spread, lead, head, feather, ready

TEST on 2-27-18

Reading:  Folktale “Little Rabbit’s Tale”

Skill:  cause and effect

Strategy:  compound words  

TEST: 2-28-18

Spelling:  bedtime, backpack, sunset, playpen, bathtub, raincoat, sailboat, inside, flagpole, himself

TEST:  2-27-18

Starting Wednesday -

Grammar: subject pronouns

TEST on   Tuesday 3/6/18

Phonics: r-controlled vowels ar, or, and ore

Car, short, tore, sport, horse, bark, score, garden, storm, shark, born, store, thorn, force, farm

TEST on 3/6/18

Reading: Fantasy “The Garden”

Skill: story structure

Strategy: Analyze/Evaluate

TEST on 3/7/18

Social  Studies:  The World Around Me

Science:  Amphibians - the structure and function of amphibians; Fish - the structure and function of fish


M - Review of Ch. 6; Use symbols for is less than  “<”, is greater than “>”, and is equal to “=” to compare numbers (Lesson 7.3)

T & W - CH. 6 TEST; Continue Lesson 7.3

Th - Lesson 7.4 - solve problems using the strategy make a model; QUIZ on comparing two-digit numbers

F - Lesson 7.5 - Identify numbers that are 10 less or 10 more than a given number


Behavior Expectations: Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be Responsible

**Spring Book Fair: March 5th – 9th

**Family STEM Night: March 7th, 4:30 – 6:30. Families will be able to participate in activities and attend the Scholastic Book Fair.

**Spring Pictures: March 7th Students do not have to wear school uniforms.